Slick Lizard Game Farm
                                                                                                                                             Jerry Adkins          Nauvoo, ALabama

Sweater, Roundhead, Whitehackle, Green Legged Sweater, Radio, Cardinal Kelso, 20,000 Kelso, Yellow Legged Hatch, Gilmore Green Legged Hatch, McLean Green Legged Hatch

Our Bloodlines


Loyce DeRouen of Louisiana is the originator of the CARDINAL CLUB KELSO. In the early 1950's, Mr. DeRouen had some Cardinals from F.F. "Chick" Hall of Oklahoma, which is a blend of Hatch-Clarets with little of Murphy blood.

In 1961 Loyce DeRouen acquired a trio of Kelso from Emery Thibodeaux through barter with his Cardinal trio. These Thibodeaux Kelsos were excellent slashers. Subsequently, Loyce DeRouen acquired two trios (Kelsos and Murphys) from an old man who lives in Jefferson Parish, in New Orleans who is a friend of Duke Hulsey and Mickey Massa. Those two trios acquired from the old man were the secret ingredients of the bloodline which made Loyce DeRouen a fortune and improved the quality of his family's life.

Through his careful breeding and selection, the CARDINAL CLUB KELSO was created.

The CARDINAL CLUB KELSOS have dark red feathers, yellow legged and come both pea-combed and straight-combed.  They have good bone structure and have fantastic bodies. 

Moreover, Loyce DeRouen made different families of the same line namely: MACHINE, PICTURE COCK, RORN's and the JONES FAMILY. These CARDINAL CLUB KELSOS are excellent to cross with Roundheads and Hatches, but the Jones Family Cardinal Club Kelso is best when blended with the Blondly Rollan Democrats.

Meanwhile, Slick Lizard Gamefarm, in Nauvoo , Alabama,  acquired all the four families from Loyce DeRouen before the latter died.

The CARDINAL CLUB KELSO is best when crossed with Sweaters, Roundheads and Hatches.


Sweater McGinnis gave Walter Kelso a Harold Brown Yellow Legged Mclean Hatch. Mr. Kelso bred the cock with his Kelso hens and the offspring (1/2 YLH x 1/2 Kelso) proved to be excellent cocks. Subsequently, Doc Robinson walked cocks for Mr. Kelso and acquired a Yellow-Legged, Pea comb cock out of the Harold Brown Yellow Legged McLean and Kelso hens, and gave the rooster to Cecil Davis, who also walked roosters for Mr. Kelso and had access to Kelso's best fowls.

Meanwhile, Cecil Davis bred this 1/2 YLH x 1/2 Kelso cock to five Out and Out Kelso hens resulting to 1/4 YLH x 3/4 Kelso offsprings. The offspring produced from this mating were called the "Sweaters", because the Hatch Grandcock came from Sweater McGinnis.

The original Sweaters were bred by Ira Parks, a friend of Cecil Davis, who is an excellent gamefowl breeder. Ira Parks, Johnny Jumper (Ira's brother-in-law) and Cecil Davis have friends and cocking partners in Mississippi and Tennessee. These friends were able to acquire these original Sweaters. Some maintained them in their purity up to present, while others added infusions of other blood to these original Sweaters.

Dark Red Sweater

Interestingly, Dolan Owens of Booneville, Mississippi acquired some of the early Sweaters and bred then to come uniformly dark, wine red and straight comb and white legged.

Light Hackled Sweater

Roy Brady, a famous breeder of Radios, who got some of the original Sweaters, bred them with a Hatch and Radio (Murphy Whitehackle x Johnny Jumper Kelso), resulting to a "nick", which made the bloodline very popular. Roy Brady Sweaters are typically orange-red to light red in color, yellow legs and peacomb. However, this line produces occasional green-legged offsprings which are usually pullets.

The Roy Brady Sweaters landed in the hands of Sonny Ware, Odis Chappel, Carol NeSmith and Browns of Mississipi.  Meanwhile, Sonny Ware bred this Roy Brady Sweaters with the Radios resulting to Sweater-Radios that are pumpkin in color, which made it very popular.

Among Alabama breeders now famous with the Sweaters Jerry Adkins of Slick Lizard Gamefarm has the Sweaters as its foundation line, when blended with almost any blood (Kelso, Hatch, Roundhead, Whitehackle, Claret), this bloodline makes the perfect cross.  Nevertheless, the best cross is when blended with the Carl Davis Roundheads.